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It’s rare to come across talent such as Sydney’s. I hired Sydney and supervised her for almost two years at Pink Gorilla Events. She is sharp, creative, hardworking, and compassionate. Let her imagination run wild and I promise you will not be disappointed in the quality and innovativeness of what you receive. Sydney rebranded and refreshed multiple events and redesigned over 8 event websites in our short time working together. She handled extremely overwhelming event days and stressful registration deadlines with a breeze. I highly recommend working with Sydney! Read more via LinkedIn.

Jodi Carper
Former Marketing Manager, Pink Gorilla Events.

Sydney is one of the best employees/teammates we’ve ever had at Bulu, Inc. I can tell you to look at our Social Media (which she essentially managed as an Intern), I can tell you how she never caused issues, I can tell you million reasons why you should hire her but in the end this is all that matters. I tried to hire her full-time, we offered her equity in the company, we found an A Player in Sydney and hoped she stayed. Read more via LinkedIn.

Paul Jarrett
Co-founder & CEO, Bulu Inc.

By the time Sydney left Bulu she was managing our social media efforts, designing marketing emails, creating product pages + images and contributing to the overall marketing strategy in a way that drove user engagement and key metrics. Not to mention she’s a dynamo in the office – her energy and enthusiasm elevates the work of those around her. Read more via LinkedIn.

Stephanie Jarrett
Co-founder & CMO, Bulu Inc.