Welcome to this neat little corner of the internet! I’m Sydney Chapp. I’m a busy bee that loves to design and has a knack for social media marketing. I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design and a minor in Theatre Arts. Need something designed? Let me take you from zero to hero, just like that.

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Currently based in Los Angeles (Torrance), California.

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It's been a long time since I've endorsed anyone on LinkedIn in written form. As someone who is in charge of hiring and over my career have hired dozens of people typically I don't put much value in these endorsements.

But this endorsement is different. You need to put value in my endorsement of Sydney. At the risk of sounding cavalier, arrogant, etc. usually CEO's don't take the time to endorse Interns...but I am taking the time.

Sydney (Chapp) Rotthaus is one of the best employees/teammates we've ever had at Bulu, Inc. I can tell you to look at our Social Media (which she essentially managed as an Intern), I can tell you how she never caused issues, I can tell you million reasons why you should hire her but in the end this is all that matters. I tried to hire her full-time, we offered her equity in the company, we found an A Player in Sydney and hoped she stayed.

But as many of the best people I've worked with do...she wanted to branch out. She wants to see other opportunities, places, job functions, etc. I 100% understand that. We support that.

I can only hope I get the opportunity to work with Sydney again someday. I'm so excited to watch her flourish as a professional and whoever is lucky enough to hire Sydney...GTFO of her way. Don't let her quiet nature fool you, the woman is a one-person wrecking crew. Give her the tools, support, cash, software, decision making ability to get shit done and cut her loose. She'll make you look good.

Paul Jarrett

Co-founder & CEO, Bulu Inc.

We hired Sydney as a graphic design intern to create a few social graphics and product images. It quickly became apparent that Sydney's graphic design skills were on par with senior level graphic designers. And she had marketing sensibilities to support her decisions.

By the time Sydney left Bulu she was managing our social media efforts, designing marketing emails, creating product pages + images and contributing to the overall marketing strategy in a way that drove user engagement and key metrics. Not to mention she's a dynamo in the office - her energy and enthusiasm elevates the work of those around her.

I'm happy to endorse Sydney. And I hope I get the chance to work with her again someday.

Stephanie Jarrett

Co-founder & CMO, Bulu Inc.